Kelli Tennant Interviews Jenny Kropp [2012 Volleyball Fesival Opening Ceremonies]

Kelli Tennant Interviews Jenny Kropp

Kelli Tennant: All right so Jenny what would you say is the most important thing in your life right now?

Jenny Kropp: Right now the most important thing to me is my family because they have supported me through everything even when I was your age playing volleyball it was them that got me to the tournament and really gave me the support I needed to get to where I want to be

Kelli Tennant: How do you think volleyball has impacted your life overall?

Jenny Kropp: I've been able to meet new people and go to travel the new places just like you guys are
doing right now so I hope you take the opportunity to meet the other teams and
just be able to make new friends

Kelli Tennant: But what is that been like for you to kind of make it in volleyball?

Jenny Kropp: For me it was a goal early on in my life and I think anytime you set a goal and you achieve it it just feels so good it feels like you're living your dream so whatever your dream is try to achieve it and make sure you write it down and you see the big picture

Kelli Tennant: These girls have a lot of matches going on this week and obviously want to get better at volleyball how would you advise them to get better with their skills this week.

Jenny Kropp: I just think you have to take the opportunity every time that you can when you touch the ball to know that you're gonna do something better with it and whatever your coach has been nagging on you to do in practice do that one thing this week in the tournament and make it your goal and actually do it

Kelli Tennant: We talk a lot about being a great volleyball player but it's also really important to focus on school and academics we mentioned that a couple times already how have you been able to
balance volleyball and academics throughout your career?

Jenny Kropp: You just have to set time aside and know that it's important and however much time you spend in the gym spend that much time doing homework at home and make it a priority

Kelli Tennant: All right awesome give it up for Jenny.


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