Rachel Scott vs. Jenny Kropp (How Well Rachel Knows Her Volleyball Partner)

Rachel Scott

Q: What is your favorite nickname for Jenny?
A (Rachel):I really have a nickname for her but I think she's crazy I tell her about all the times she's delusional cuz she thinks she's fat and she looks amazing like she's like oh I had twins look at me.
A (Jenny):her nickname for me oh let's go with stress

Q:What is Jenny's Favorite food?
A (Rachel):Jenny's favorite food...
I know diet coke got me diet coke and just really like has a sweet tooth crab legs
A (Jenny):crab legs and Diet Coke

Q:What is Jenny's Weirdest Quirk or Habit?
A (Rachel): We both have a little problem with the foul language on the court
A (Jenny): My biggest pet peeve is when other people tell me how to parent

Q: What is Jenny's Zodiac Sign?
A (Rachel): She's a cancer no no no wait when's the crossover she's a Gemini like me I know her birthday I just don't I'm not really into astrology so she needs to Gemini's cuz she is is it the 17th of June.
A (Jenny): Gemini. I think that's Rachel's too

Q: What is the thing Jenny would bring to a deserted island?
A (Rachel): She bring her kids
A (Jenny): I would need a machete so I could split the coconuts
and drink the water kill any wildlife that wanted to kill me and eat them and
I already know how to start a fire so


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